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Honestly, I love it

Ada is so helpful. I saw it advertised in the App Store one day and thought, “Well, why not give it a try?” Ever since then, I have been using Ada when I need it. The app is super reliable and accurate, not to mention free. It’s easy to use (seriously, you just answer questions) and it’s great if you want to research something before you schedule an expensive visit with your doctor. If you still don’t believe me that this app is worth it, download it and start typing in symptoms like “fever” or “body aches” and I guarantee you’ll get the answer you were expecting. Totally worth it. Five stars. This seriously is a GREAT app 👍🏻

Love it!

Very accurate!


For people that have Reoccurring health issues or just paranoid people this app is literally amazing and it’s free I’m not a person paid for good respondes I’m literally a 15 year old girl that has had bad health issues in the past and is also very helpful when u need a at home doctor no need for several google searches it’s all right here !


The app is great, however it doesn’t take into account whether you’re taking any medications or have any other mental/chronic/etc. illnesses.


It helped me out a lot!


It works pretty well and helped a lot:)

Amazing App!!!

This app has solved many sicknesses around my home. I have even recommended it to my neighborhood! Great work you guys, this world is a better place because of you.

Very Accurate

I had a bad stomach ache and other things and I thought I might’ve had the bug and that was a symptom and I went to the doctor and I do have it! Very Accurate!


this app its really good

Spot On

I tried this app for the first time with a test of sorts. I created a list of symptoms that I have and what conditions could be involved. The app got it Spot On!


Great app. Very useful to understand your condition. Gives you more time than a doctor.

Spot On

Got everything right as I have already been diagnosed. Always see your doctor as well.

Very accurate

Wow this app is absolutely incredible

Great app!

Really helped and i got through my symptoms.

Great app

Great app love it

Arm and shoulder pain

I love this app. It’s better than talking to a Dr. It helps me put two and two together.

Great app.

This is a very good app and I will definitely be using it for myself.


Honestly genius, this thing is smarter than my doctor in some cases.


Very informative throughout the whole process. I would rated it 5 stars. Very very smart AI better than most doctors straight to the point. Throughly complete in its assessment of symptoms makes complete sense. Very logical.

Amazing APP!

This app help sooo much, way better than google for sure! I don’t feel I have terminal cancer after leaving the app. I feel it’s very accurate and helpful.

Very helpful app

This app is a good application for the other that have bad symptoms or if you want to see what you’re friends have as a symptoms if in case of notice weird behavior as such!😁👍

Super helpful

I never really review apps, but this app is a life saver. When I’m feeling sick this app is almost like having a personal doctor at my aid. It really does know what can help you to feel better, after a few simple questions.

Love it!!

It’s soooo accurate. I now have a sense on what exactly I have. The questions are relatable and is an excellent source of helping me.

Amazing and it helps

I don’t need to go searching up my symptoms on the internet when I have an app that actually helps! I love this app because it’s simple to use!


It made me feel safe knowing I could tell that when I feel weird it was just a small sickness.

Good tool

This is a good way to get an idea what’s going on before going to the Dr. At least it can be helpful.

This App Helps People

I love this app so far!Its filled with knowledge that people sometimes don’t have.I recently got the flu and a sore throat, and I felt just terrible!I just opened the app and gave answers to the questions Ada gave me.Its just very useful to the people of the world, and I think this app will always help people!

Love The App!

The app helps calm down my anxiety when i get hit with something out of nowhere. Its a life savior, it states that this isnt a medical diagnosis at all nd to always seek help from a dr if u feel u need it. I was cautious at first as ive used multiple of these sort of apps before and ended up deleting them. But Ada is different. And i honestly couldnt be happier. This is gunna be an app ik i cn use till the day i die. No joke. DOWNLOAD it now if you want an app that you can give your symptoms nd get a possiblity as an answer/s. Its a must have and the only one of these types of appsill ever reccommend to anyone


This app is incredibly accurate, but it some cases it seems really pushy.

the best

google any symptoms and u have cancer, or your pregnant!! this app asks in depth questions and almost every time they have been 100% accurate. i’ve used it multiple times over a year, & i love that they don’t require a free trial. so many apps do that now days! love it:-)))

5 stars

I love this app and it is so helpful to me! Thanks

Very, Very, Specific

Very, Very, Good and Specific!

No sure but...

I think this is a great idea for an app. I haven’t even opened it.

extremely helpful

helped me discover i had a food allergy


Love it

Ada is the best!

It helps me when I don’t feel good and makes me feel better hopefully :/


Instead of having to go to the doctors, just use your phone at home! However, there were some questions... there were some symptoms that are not even necessary.. but overall it’s really great to use. Great job! Continue the good work!

Very Helpful

I really found it useful and will use it again.


I am always skeptical about online advice but this app was right on with my illness and extremely helpful. After seeing my physician I had an idea of what was going on with my body.


I put in my symptoms and Ada gave me great simple suggestions of what it could be that I hadn’t even thought of! It’s amazing


It is very accurate!

I love this app

It is right on

Amazing app!!!

Went to the doctor and after many painful tests their diagnosis was the same as the app said it was. Thank you so much for this app!!!

Awesome app!

It was really easy and helpfull

Good but getting same answers

It was good in the beginning when started then after those days it became worse cause I got the same answers

Thank you ada

Ada is a wonder full app any body should get you can see if you have any symptoms that are life threatening and you can check for friends and family


This is amazing!!


It’s lit

This app gave me reassurance of my diagnosis (MS)

Thankyou so much for this app it’s amazing!!!!! So yes, I have already been diagnosed by multiple professional neurologists and this app diagnosed me perfectly!!! (while knowing this is not a substitute for a doctor.) my whole life I was told I was lying about my symptoms because they didn’t want to believe me so, this app really gave me reassurance in my diagnosis and did an AMAZING job on doing what it tells us it’s going to do. Thankyou so much I’m going to recommend this app to everyone!

I love her

I know this is how Skynet starts (medical learning AI) but Ada is so helpful. There’s so much she gives you and the more I’ve used her the more attuned to me she’s gotten!

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