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Awesome app!!!

I love this app. It helped me figure out why I had upper arm pains! (Even though it was just because I was exercising my arms too much...)

way better than web md

sometimes it asks you the same question like 3 times but it’s accurate. unlike web md the likely conditions aren’t like cancer or something deadly


Did a test and perfect love it life saving


It’s great it gives you good advice


Best app I’ve used

That app 😍😋

Best app ever

It works very well

It works great for diagnosing symptoms and is very useful for when I get sick

Awesome App

I had some symptoms I wasn’t sure about. I ask Ada. I will be making a doctor appointment. Thanks Ada.

Thank you all so much

I love this app because it’s very straight forward and I will probably need this in the future thank you all who put hard work into this

Very useful app

You can make a quick assessment for what is wrong with you and understand what to do. I find this aspect of being able to have a doctor on your phone is brilliant.

Easy and surprisingly accurate

First time using but after entering my symptoms Ada came up with a possible cause of a disease I have thought I have for years.

Great Work

😋I might ask hella questions but it is cool.😳🤣😂😝

So helpful!

I thought that ADA was a real help learning more about symptoms! I really recommend this!!

Very accurate reports!!

ABSOLUTELY GREAT APP!!! The reports are 100% accurate and has helped me with my daily life. 100% recommend to everybody

Love it

Super useful

Good app

It was a good experience.


It helped understand my symptoms a little better


I had a pain, so I went on and it helped! It turns out i had a fever and a migraine :(. But otherwise, it helped a lot! Also, it spammed a lot (hence the 4/5). All in all, thank you for the advice. 4/5.

Very accurate.

While nothing is a substitute for medical care, this is a good resource.

Seems Impressive

I just got it, so this is a first impression review. I entered the symptoms for a condition I know I have. Ada I asked multiple questions And offered three suggested diagnoses, and one was exactly right. I think that’s good for an app.


I really enjoy it because it asks me questions that my doctor would ask! I feel a lot better because in my situation I was just being over dramatic. I recommend because it’s easy and simple to use!


Ada is very helpful! I had a cold a couple days ago and I tested it with my symptoms and it worked great! I’ll definitely be using this next time I get sick!


This app is great at asking the right questions and reminding me of symptoms that I had but didn't know what to call them. I use it only when I feel pretty terrible and it is not only good with physical pain, but it also works well with mental and emotional disorders and will ask how I'm doing regularly to see if things get better. I highly recommend this app.

I love it

It very helpful and I’m thankful for finding this app. I had to use a different account to use this to prevent spam but overall this is a great app

I wish I could upload a picture of my skin lesion

I think it works. But it's tedious answering back and forth questions. It would be awesome if the computer could see my photo and ask questions about it. Look forward to that.


great app!


This app has saved me from panic attacks when I would stupidly look up my symptoms when I had a cold or whatever, but I love the fact that it asks you multiple questions and tells you about them if you don’t understand. Absolute life saver <3

Great app!

Really helpful information and I know more things now. Thanks ada!


I was a little skeptical of this app at first but it nailed its first diagnosis without a problem. I wish google and webmd were this accurate because then I would’ve saved a trip to the ER


I loved the amount of options and symptoms that it had and it was quick and easy to do. When I was diagnosed, I didn’t understand it. But! There was a lot of information there to help me and that was great!!


To be completely honest, I didn't expect much from using this app. But after seeing a doctor I decided to test out this app and sure enough, it came up with the same results my doctor did. I wish there was an option to "save" the information into the health app on iPhone, as well as having a way for the app to know existing medical conditions and height and weight. Thank you!

I love Ada

Ada is like my bff now lol. She makes sure She gets all the answers and even though she can’t see what I’m talking about she can understand just by the questions she asks. It’s better than

I love this app

It helps me a lot

Accurate easy to use

Use this

Ada has helped me and it could very well help you

Ada has helped me get a better understanding about my personal health and has helped me cope with many issues and helped redirect me into getting help

Life saver!

I absolutely love this app! It’s helped me so much! Since having my baby in October and becoming a first time mom I feel like I’ve had questions for just about everything. Ada has put my mind to ease for almost all of it! It helps me decide when it’s time to call the doctor for myself, husband, or daughter. When I first downloaded this app I couldn’t help but be a little skeptical using it, but so far all its information lines up pretty well, I’ve only had one time where if gave me an off the wall answer and it was 100% my fault for not filling out the questions correctly. 10/10 would highly recommend for anyone and everyone!


really amazing!! It’s very awesome when you actually think you have something, but I wouldn’t use it for just a simple headache or cramps. Because you already know you don’t have a disease so it will just scare you when you just have a plain ol’ headache. But I love it!! I’ve been requesting to a lot of people (:


Almost perfect and would recommend this for people to get a general overview of their health.

Wow so much spam. Selling customers info much?

The app itself is okay. I never needed it but I got it just in case. However, the amount of spam mail I get is ridiculous. I don’t know where these guys sell my information to, but ever since I downloaded and created an account with this app, I’ve been getting too many spam mails from such nonprofessional businesses, from ‘medical consultants’ to adult dating sites. I would tolerate id it was from one or two companies sending ads once or twice a day, but this is just filling up my email. They don’t even go to junk mail. It would be too late if I erased the app too since they have my email list out there already. Anyways this is ridiculous. I would rather see ads within the app, but selling customers info to make the app ‘free’? This is unacceptable. Or if you’re going to sell the customers info, please be more specific about it who you sell it to. Maybe to the doctors who the customers actually need to see.. not some home/car insurance adult dating sites or whatever.

I’m not dying!!!

It’s so good to get real questions that elaborate on my symptoms to better diagnose me, instead of plugging in a couple of black and white symptoms online and find out I’m dying lol


I like the app. I haven't used it long enough to give a full review. But I am looking forward.

It’s a great app

I love this app. I have had mild lower back pains and I never knew why until I downloaded this app. I highly recommend this app to anyone that wonders what is wrong with them.

This app is amazing

This app is so helpful because two days ago I wasn’t feeling good. So I let her tell me what she thinks I have and she said the flu but then I went to the doctors and they also said I have the flu. And I thought this app was gonna cost money but it’s free!! I definitely recommend this, and my kids love to play doctors with it. So you should definitely get this app.

Love it

This app is amazing, just downloaded it and already love it!!

New Update

This app is great! i love it. but the new update is AWFUL! change it back!

Very good at giving answers

This app ask a lot of questions that help get to the bottom of things

So useful

I didn't think i e

Love it

Without ada I would have never discovered that I have a stress disorder that I you ada

Easy app

I find this easy to use and the questions specific enough to assist in helping narrow down my symptoms.


Extremely helpful. You don't have to pay. She gets to know, your age, and sex, before selecting symptoms. 5 stars? I give it 10.

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