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Great app!

Great app it was very accurate. I practiced with it to look up my medical issue that I already have and it was spot on with questions and answers. One thing I must say is it should start having the ability to ask how longer symptoms have been around so It can determine bigger issues.


I had a really bad ear infection that lasted a while so I put my symptoms in on this app. It asked me a lot of questions and told me that my symptoms could be a busted eardrum. I didn’t believe it at first. I went to a doctor later that month and they told me that my right eardrum was busted.


I checked out this app to see if it would give some insight on mental illness and it certainly did and was very helpful. It also felt very personal which made me feel comfortable

Very good.

Reliable app that could potentially save lives. Some of the stuff on here tells you to see a doctor. Now remember it’s always best to see one when you are in doubt. In the long run this is the best and most helpful diagnostic app I have seen. Good work. Keep it up.


This app has been incredibly helpful! The only problem was that on many questions I needed to answer “sometimes”. I believe they need to add that as an option.


Its is just so useful


I love this app


I feel that Ada used very clear algorithms to determine what the next question should be but there has to be an option for “at times” as a response to a symptom question instead of a “yes, no or idk” response. Also asking the user for another symptom leaves a lot of the onus on the user to highlight or think of another symptom when there should be the option to choose more than one symptom at a time when presented on the screen. Just my 2 cents as a therapist. Oh and ask if a person has type 1 or type 2 diabetes as they are 2 completely different diseases with different origins, “1 “ being an autoimmune disease.

It’s like a doctor on your phone!!!!

Buy it nowwwwww it’s worth it



Amazing app

This app is amazing and has helped me figure so much out!!

Love it

Very accurate!

Tried & True

I put in exactly what is going on with me and Ada hit the right diagnosis in both cases. I am impressed!


I had been having pain in my ear so I asked ada she told me it was a ear infection so I went to the doctor and sure enough I did have a ear infection


This app is useful. It asks important questions. Although, I haven't needed it yet it still helps with minor inconveniences.


I love this app!! It is extremely helpful not just for me but for a sibling or a friend or for a family member it is extremely accurate too and easy to use which definitely helps too

Incredible software

I’m amazed at the intelligence put into this app. I have a medical background and tested various symptoms to see if it would pull up the correct illness/disease and it was remarkable every time

Great app

This is a really helpful app it basically told me in short of amount of questions what is going wrong, I was easily able to diagnose something that I have been concerned about and now could ask the Doctor about. Only takes a few easy questions and a few minutes of time to answer and go through. Would recommend it

So Helpful!

I love this app.


This robot does not ask the best question and diagnosed my friend with bowel cancer and did it COMPLETELY WRONG. I went from talking to this robot about the pain my friend had in her leg and this robot tells me it’s bowel cancer. My friend is fine just pulled a muscle and definitely does not have bowel cancer. I’ll give it two stars though because it did diagnose me right.

Ada is amazing

This little pocket doctor is the best thing you will ever find. Just be careful using this app because if you over exaggerate it will say something ridiculous like you have cancer.


It has gotten the correct answer many many times and I like the app


App is so helpful & easy to use! Highly recommend for anyone!

Amazingly helpful

I don’t go to the doctor unless I’m basically dying so this helps me figure out what could be going on and what I need to do. Also as a first responder it can be extremely helpful! Have the patient describe what’s going on with them and you can get a much better assessment, and see if there is something you missed


Game changer

The best app

This app helped me a lot whenever I have a problem I just open the app and choose my symptoms which is very easy! And the fact that it’s free makes it even better I love this app so much❤️


I wanted to test if this works, I have type 1 diabetes myself and I had it for years, I tried putting in the symptoms and it gave me the correct ANWSER !! I tried others things and it gave accurate answers

Not Bad!

It sometimes gets my diagnosis completely wrong. But it mainly gets it correct. Great app, I will definitely recommend this to friends and family!

Seems legit.

Wish it did mental health assessments

Great app!

It is a great app, although, it would be cool if you could enter things that may be the cause and it’ll take that into consideration. Like for example, let’s say you have a stomach ache, being able to enter that you were around someone sick could help with accuracy idk tho

Ada’s symptom assessment

I recently had found something out of the ordinary. I used Ada, answered all questions and when I opened my report I found something very disturbing. Ada suggested I consult my Dr. I was lucky enough to get a quick appt. and my diagnosis was exactly what Ada said was a strong possibility.

shocked, in a good way

ada gives me a piece of mind, yet gives me an ideal of what to look for when i am in pain, etc. love the tracking/records it keeps

How is this free?!

I absolutely loved this app. Lately I’ve been having constant anxiety and a depressive mood. I didn’t really want to go to a doctor and tell them about my symptoms in fear they might call me crazy or something. I found this app useful to tell those embarrassing symptoms to.. or maybe you’re too shy to tell anyone about them. I found it incredibly useful that you can also make assessments for other people. My mom’s been having pain consistently and her doctors keep telling her it won’t go away and it’s been with her for maybe two years now. I tried making an assessment for her and some possible reasons why she’d have this pain. This app is freakishly accurate and surprisingly it is completely free, not to mention there are absolutely no adverts in the app, and no delays or errors. 100% would recommend.

Ada is



Ada is great I don’t usually leave reviews but this really helped me during times that I felt sick and had no clue what was happening


I would say Ada is helpful. I would seek medical attention if something was very wrong, but sometimes following a simple thing like avoiding stress could help. Thank you Ada

Too accurate

It is so accurate it’s good! 😊

Helpful and Useful

This app has been very helpful and useful! I love how you can track certain symptoms to see how often they appear. The only thing I wish for in this app would be the ability to put in past conditions/surgeries/etc. So like, I could put in that I’ve had my tonsils or gallbladder removed so Ada won’t give me conditions related to those in my symptom assessment. This is a minor thing, but I love the app overall!

Love this app!!

Very useful! I’m happy I got it.

My opinion

This is the best app as far as getting a quick idea of what could possibly be going on! After answering the assessment questions (just as the Dr/Hospital) would have asked me, I was giving a list of the apps opinion of which diagnosis it could/may be. After choosing which diagnosis I also felt matched the best, it went into more detail about the {issue} at hand! After going to the Dr. being asked the very same questions, having the test done that the app indeed said most likely would be preformed, turned out it was indeed what the app thought the {issue} for me was!! Amazing App!

Very good but one thing

I might have a mental disorder and I’ve taken the test many times and it sure shows that. But I wish it could tell me exactly what I have. I’m going to see a doctor soon but it’s extremely expensive and ada is free. But I get it it’s not made to be sure without testing done. So download it it’s a good app.

10/10 would recommend.

The app was very helpful to me (because I absolutely no nothing about anything medical wise) and I actually do plan on going to my doctors and bringing up what Ada’s recommended could be wrong. The app was nicely laid out as well and I liked that you could go back and re-answer a question. Overall this was not a waste of my time and I recommend the app. :)

I love it


Reliable, accurate, and cost effective.

Initially I tried using this program to diagnose an existing, known, and properly diagnosed condition. The program was spot on in agreement with what btooi me over 6 months and I'm excess of 10 visits to physiciane and MRI tests to diagnose. Neither I, or any responsible person would suggest that an automated diagnostic program replace the advice of properly trained and educated professionals, however I have found this to be of great value and efficacy in pointing me in the right direction for medical care. The program poses a series of questions with regard to symptoms, becoming increasingly precise and individualized as you respond to the questions for each symptom. At this juncture, I have nothing but praise for this model of diagnostic assessment.

Incredibly accurate

Typically I don’t write reviews but I found this app certainly worthy of my time, of my multiple uses of this app it has come back with extremely accurate results relating to my problem. Over all I found this app certainly worth my time and effort and will urge other to use it.

Reliable and accurate.

I am not one for leaving reviews but this app is absolutely amazing. I used to do all the researching on my symptoms on my own and reading the possibilities to see which is most likely in preparation for going to my doctor. This app saves me all the trouble just by telling it your symptoms and answering a few questions. I love it!

this is just amazing

i couldn’t have asked for anything better. i love this.

Good app

This app has helped me a lot for whatever reason I feel bad I just put my symptoms and the app goes to some diagnosis and tries to help you discover what is going on.I really much recommend this app so you don’t have to worry on how bad your sickness is.


This app helped me out a lot !! I would recommend it to anyone

I love this app

This app has helped me millions of times and has never done me wrong! It’s free, safe, and quick and even gives advice afterwards. 10/10 would recommend this app!

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